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We provide free, facilitated parenting groups to parents.

In this time of uncertainty, parenting is changing.   Everything is heightened.  Parents are trying to support their families, work from home, answer their children's concerns, manage their own worries, and care for their elders. In addition, they are supposed to be the directors of education, entertainment, nutrition, public health, arts and crafts, and social life!

Everyone is adjusting to being home together all day, every day.  In order to get up and do it again tomorrow, parents need an opportunity to debrief and prepare for the next day.  OPS offers facilitated groups for parents who are trying to do it all.   We hope that you will find this a useful source of information, community, and optimism.  

Building Community

As a parent in a time of national emergency, you are navigating unknown waters.  Knowing that others are sitting with you in the waters -- that you are not alone -- can help.   Even though others may not know answers either, it feels better to be together in times of change than to be alone. 

Isolation and loneliness can make people feel miserable, affecting parenting and affecting children.  Research tells us that children do better when parents are less stressed. Community and connectedness can be the antidote.

Everyone is wondering how to make it through this time -- how to help themselves, how to help their children.  Finding ways to decrease stress will help you stay creative and available. Come join a group at the end of your parenting day so you can debrief and refresh!

For children to be well, parents

have to be well.

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